Play a key role in the hydrogen future

As we embrace a zero-emission energy system, there is now a growing consensus that hydrogen will play a critical role in the energy transition and in the race to decarbonisation. Hydrogen can be used to store and transport (renewable) energy efficiently. It is also poised to meet a vast range of energy needs and accelerate efforts to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050.

As momentum gathers, demand for skills and expertise in the Hydrogen industry is set to grow exponentially. As we share the energy of knowledge, we also focus on sharing the knowledgeof hydrogen and connect energy professionals to our network.

Our offerings in Hydrogen Education

Hydrogen’s Role in the Energy Transition

This introductory course is for forward-thinking professionals looking to leverage the innovation wave in hydrogen with new perspectives and opportunities. This course integrates the benefits of online, self-paced learning and interaction with faculty through virtual sessions.

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Postgraduate Programme in Hydrogen

This accredited programme prepares engineers and legal professionals for a more sustainable future as hydrogen specialists and centres on the energy transition, hydrogen and its value chain while the focus on specialisations intensifies during the final months of the programme. The programme includes 5 site visits to different sites in the Netherlands and 6 soft skill training sessions.

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Intensive Course Hydrogen

This 3-days programme will enable you to identify new business opportunities in the field of hydrogen and equip you with the necessary skills needed in helping to realise hydrogen’s potential. During this course you will be interacting with academic and industry experts from DNV, Cummins, Equinor, Stedin, and Hydrogen Europe to help further your understanding on all the dynamics at play in a hydrogen economy.

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Masterclass Hydrogen (in Dutch)

Samen met DNV en Waterstofnet introduceren onze experts je in deze eendaagse masterclass de basis rondom waterstof als energiedrager en de rol die het kan spelen (en al speelt!) in de energietransitie. In vogelvlucht nemen we je mee langs de eigenschappen, de oorsprong en de geschiedenis. We behandelen de gehele waardeketen van waterstof: van de verschillende productiemethoden en de manieren van opslag & transport, tot de vele verschillende eindtoepassingen.

Nieuw is onze VR experience; a virtual reality tour about the Hydrogen Value Chain. Je ervaart een speciale visualisatie van de gehele waterstof waardeketen waarvan ’s ochtends de theorie is behandeld. Je komt o.a. op plekken die je normaal niet fysiek zou kunnen bezoeken!

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