New Energy Business School is the world’s leading energy business school: your gateway to outstanding education combining solid theoretical grounding with high practical use.

We offer a unique range of programmes that cover all parts of the energy value chain and all aspects of the great energy transition.

Our programmes are led by top academic researchers and senior industry experts and are fully up to date on the latest developments in the global energy sector.

By joining us, you will also be able to connect with a global network of experts and peers, take part in site visits where you can see the energy future becoming reality, and steep yourself in business cases that will greatly improve your professional skills.

Get prepared for the dynamic and challenging future of the energy business and join us.

New Energy Business School – The leading Energy Business School

  • International business school specialised in energy
  • Programmes by leading academic researchers and industry experts
  • In-depth knowledge of existing energy value chains and new energy systems
  • Regular and customised programmes tailored to your needs
  • Classroom, E-learning and blended learning at all levels of expertise
  • Global network of energy experts, peers and alumni community

The mission of our business school is to bring together world-class energy knowledge and business expertise to educate and inspire energy professionals to become the leaders of a sustainable energy future.


The energy sector is confronted with tremendous challenges and rapid changes. To stay competitive and lead the way to a climate neutral economy, the sector needs to attract the best and most motivated people. This requires substantial investment in knowledge and human resources.

This is where the New Energy Business School has a key role to play. As one of the world’s few specialised energy business schools, we offer world-class energy knowledge, academic excellence and business expertise to help energy professionals expand their knowledge and horizons on a lifelong basis.

Together with our partners, we have developed a wide range of regular and customised programmes using various learning approaches (classroom, site visits, E-learning, blended learning) to create inspiring and practical learning experiences.


New Energy Business School was set up in 2002 by Gasunie (which has since split up into two companies, Gasunie and GasTerra), Gazprom and the University of Groningen, later joined by Shell as new partner and Enagás as associated partner.

With our roots in the natural gas industry, we have a deep understanding of the gas value chain as well as of the practical challenges involved in the energy transition away from fossil fuels to CO2-free forms of energy.

Over the past decades we have trained over 10,000 professionals from about forty different countries. Together they form a lively alumni community that continues to connect and exchange across continents.

Brand of New Energy Coalition

In 2017 New Energy Business School joined forces with Energy Valley, a business development organisation for the energy transition in the Northern Netherlands, and Energy Academy Europe, an institute for interdisciplinary energy education, to form New Energy Coalition.

The aim of New Energy Coalition is to bring together researchers, entrepreneurs and policymakers to boost innovation, achieve breakthroughs in technology and knowledge and help change people’s mindset and behaviour with regard to the energy transition.