Learning Tools

Educating and inspiring energy professionals to become the leaders of a sustainable energy future is what we work on every day. We are constantly expanding our portfolio and innovative ways of teaching like virtual reality, online programmes en serious gaming. Learn more about these learning tools below. Make sure to contact us to explore all possibilities for our in-companies and open market programmes.

Virtual Reality

To show you the “world of hydrogen”, we developed a virtual reality experience that explains every step of the hydrogen value chain. In this experience, we show you how hydrogen is produced, transported, stored, and what sectors use hydrogen. You will even get to visit places you wouldn’t be able to visit in reality! Learn how hydrogen is stored inside the salt caverns, stand on top of a 6 MW wind turbine, and see the transportation of green hydrogen offshore. Prepare yourself for an amazing view! Experience it first-hand during the Virtual Reality Tour about the Hydrogen Value Chain and explore the field more deeply than ever before.

Offshore Energy Game

To introduce you to the complexity of the Energy Transition, and in specific in sea, we’ve developed the Offshore Energy Game to play both on-site and online. The goal of this serious game is to meet the energy demand of the mainland with green energy from the sea. The complexity and learning outcomes of the game are hidden within all the possible options. Every decision affects the costs and sustainability of the project and the energy grid so teamwork and discussions are a must to make the best decisions. By using the existing energy pipelines and cables and different energy sources we show the different possibilities to reach the game’s goal.


Our e-learning integrates the benefits of online and self-paced learning. Register for our online programme and start your lessons today, or whenever your schedule allows. More e-learning programmes will be launched soon.

Molecules in transition

Hydrogen's Role in the Energy Transition e-learning

This e-learning’s main lecturer, Bert Stuij, discusses the role of low-carbon and renewable gasses in the energy transition.
Introductory level, online, self-paced learning.

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