About the process

With our unparalleled knowledge of the energy sector, we help you design a training programme that will meet your organisation’s learning objects.

How does it work?

  • Together we design a programme adapted to your needs.
  • Our network of experts in business and academia ensures that you will get the best quality training taking into account the latest developments.
  • We will adapt our learning tools to your requirements.
  • We can offer our services at any time anywhere in the world.
  • Upon completion of the programme participants receive personalised certificates.


Our custom programmes range from introductory courses to comprehensive overviews of topics, deep dives into parts of the energy value chain and strategically oriented programmes on all energy-related issues. Depending on your wishes, we can introduce only hard skills, soft skills, or a combination of both in our programmes.

List of topics

– Changing the role of TSO and DSO
– Finance and new business models
– Hydrogen
– Storage and flexibility
– Economics and market development
– Strategy and leadership
– Energy law and regulation
– North Sea
– Energy and gas value chain
– (Small scale) LNG
– Transition and innovation
– Latest (energy) technologies
– Stakeholder management
– Energy geopolitics

Besides the topics mentioned above for 2022 we are developing training around the topics of heat transition, geothermal, CCUS, Carbon Credits, ESG’s, and system integration.

Introductory training

For newcomers in the energy sector, standalone or as (part of) a traineeship. Introduction or an update on renewables, gas, and the energy transition

Hydrogen: Complete overview of our sercies on hydrogen, our most chosen training option in 2021. Both online and offline. Build your own programme with lectures, and experiences around the hydrogen value chain.

Executive: Mid to senior level, talent development programmes, Energy transition, innovation, business and leadership. Integrated sofstskills.