Our programmes and courses cover a wide range of energy trends and technologies. Here we provide some background information on six of the most important of those: the energy transition, energy storage, hydrogen, renewable gas, LNG and the North Sea. Each section presents a brief overview of the topic, including links to key sources and research, as well as links to related our courses.

Energy Transition

  • 8 programmes

The energy transition: what will it look like? In the Paris Agreement (2015), most nations of the world have agreed […]

North Sea Energy

  • 0 programmes

The North Sea – the new frontier of the energy transition The European Union recognises the North Sea as a […]

Energy Storage

  • 1 programme

Energy storage – key to the renewables revolution Energy storage is key to an affordable decarbonisation of both the electricity […]

Topic (SS)LNG


  • 1 programme

LNG and small-scale LNG: shaping a new global gas market Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) – natural gas that has been […]

Renewable gas

  • 3 programmes

The promise of renewable gas The EU aims at a climate neutral economy in 2050. Net emissions of CO2 must […]

Intensive Course Hydrogen


  • 4 programmes

Hydrogen – the missing link in the energy transition There is widespread agreement among policymakers and energy experts that hydrogen […]