The Road to an Offshore Wind Strategy

Discover how wind power is leading the shift towards cleaner, sustainable energy sources and why it is the cornerstone of our future energy landscape. This programme will give you a complete overview of an offshore wind energy strategy by integrating the benefits of theoretical material, practical offshore wind cases with serious gaming and discussions, where actual examples will be contemplated.

This three day programme is a must for anyone who wants to gain a critical understanding of the developments in offshore wind energy while gaining a strong network of peers within the wind energy sector.

How you benefit

  • Explore key facets of offshore wind energy; from an introduction to the integration with hydrogen and from technology developments to decommissioning.
  • Includes two site visits in the Eemshaven – you’ll get a chance to see wind turbines from up close and learn more on how they are being transported.
  • Interact with other participants and work on building your own offshore wind park with our serious game: ‘Offshore Energy Game’
  • Acquire a network of peers and industry & academic experts within the wind energy sector.

This programme is in cooperation with:

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On the first day of our three-day programme, the vital role of wind energy in the energy transition is explained. It starts with an introduction to wind energy and zooms in on the differences on the global offshore wind energy market. There is an overview of wind energy and the electric power system and the programme elaborates on hydrogen in the offshore wind energy sector. On day two, the programme dives into different subjects; the transport and logistics of offshore wind energy,
operations & maintenance, decommissioning and sustainable strategies for end-of-life management. It will also explore the latest technological advancements propelling the offshore wind sector forward. From innovative turbine designs to cutting-edge materials and grid integration solutions, we’ll uncover how technology is shaping the future of offshore wind energy and tackle the intricacies of system integration. On the third and final day, the programme will look more closely at the bigger picture behind the world of wind energy. It takes a look at the environmental impact of wind turbines on wildlife, what kind of regulations are there if you look at wind sector from an ecological standpoint. Participants will also learn more about
the tender process; from permit to production and everything in between. To conclude the day, we’ll put ourknowledge to the test and end with an interactive group session.

What you learn

After completing this programme, you will have the:

  • An understanding of the latest technological advancements in wind turbine design and efficiency and their impact on the future of offshore wind energy production.
  • The ability to recognize and evaluate the role of system integration in balancing energy demand and supply, including the challenges and opportunities involved in integrating offshore wind and hydrogen energy into the grid.
  • The ability to elaborate upon and analyze the operations, maintenance and logistics of offshore wind parks.
  • An understanding of the importance of sustainable end-of-life management strategies (and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages) for offshore wind turbines and the challenges and opportunities involved in decommissioning an offshore wind park.

Who should attend

This programme is meant for professionals in the energy and offshore wind sector who want to get an in-depth overview of offshore wind (parks) with the latest technological developments and trends in the energy transition.

These three days are especially interesting for;

  • Business developers/account managers
  • Project managers
  • Technology specialists
  • Business and energy professionals
  • (Renewable) energy producers
  • Innovation, research and development advisors
Module 1
  • Lecture 1 Wednesday 27 November 2024 08:30 - 17:30 Date and location to be confirmed Lecture 2 Thursday 28 November 2024 08:30 - 17:30 Date and location to be confirmed Lecture 3 Friday 29 November 2024 08:30 - 15:00 Date and location to be confirmed
  • LocationBuss Terminal Eemshaven in Eemshaven, The Netherlands


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