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Everything you need to know about biogas and its potential

For the European gas sector there is only one future and it is called decarbonisation. The most straightforward way to decarbonise natural gas streams is by replacing it with different types of “renewable” gas, such as biogas or biomethane. This Intensive Course is in cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network and takes place at Agromek; Northern Europe’s Largest Agricultural Fair in Denmark.

During this intensive course the biogas value chain, its aspects, future and best practices from frontrunner Denmark and different European legislative opportunities will be discussed. The site visit to Agromek in Denmark is included.

How you benefit

  • Get an overview of the complete biogas value chain
  • Identify new opportunities in biogas
  • Network with experts and peers
  • Free Access to Agromek 2022
  • Site visit to the Nature Energy Månsson plant in Aarhus

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About the programme

This Intensive Course shows the biogas to biomethane value chain and the different opportunities it offers. On the first day the different aspects of the value chain will be discussed: technical, economic, and societal possibilities and how to upscale. On the second day the European perspective and possibilities will be discussed by the European Biogas Association, combined with a visit to the Agromek Fair. On the third day you will get some real-life examples, through the Dutch and Danish case and a site visit to the Nature Energy Månsson plant.


  • Introduction: biogas value chain, the current situation, and possibilities for biogas
  • Technological possibilities: overview of current techniques and new possibilities
  • Economic possibilities: business cases and different revenue streams
  • How to fill the gap? Different routes to dealing with current energy demands
  • Sustainability and public acceptance issues around renewable gas and biomass
  • Policy, regulatory issues, and subsidies
  • Certification and trade in Europe
  • Practical, real-life cases from Denmark and the Netherlands

What you learn

  • Complete overview of latest developments and all aspects of the biogas business
  • Identify opportunities and threats of biogas and biomethane
  • First-hand experience of biogas production and use cases
  • Knowledge about business cases and financial aspects

Date of this programme to be confirmed.

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