The (in)famous gas pipeline North Stream 1 has made the headlines again. First, because of the 60% reduction in flow due to an alleged turbine on maintenance in Canada. Currently, because it is highly uncertain if the gas will continue to flow again after the scheduled maintenance period ends.

Whatever scenario will play out, the role of NS1 and the natural gas from Russia has profound impact on Europe now. From being a stable and reliable supplier of natural gas to Europe, Gazprom and Russia have proven to be unreliable at best. Using varying gas transport volumes and threats towards the reliability of supply to affect prices in Europe and put pressure on EU governments to lower support for Ukraine.

Various responses have been proposed by the EU and its member states to shift away from natural gas and other fossil fuels from Russia, increasing renewable energy generation and diversity of supply. But will this be in time? We will discuss this with Tatiana Mitrova who is Research Fellow, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University. She is currently active from Cyprus.

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The experts

Leon Stille

Leon Stille has been General Manager of our Business School since September 2019. Before that he worked for 7 years as Business Development Manager Renewable Gas & Innovation and Renewable Energy at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). He has also worked in commercial roles for several energy companies such as Dutch distribution system operator Alliander and international oil and gas technology supplier Frames. He holds an MSc in renewable energy technology and BSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Utrecht.

Lecturer New Energy Realities

Tatiana Mitrova

Tatiana Mitrova is Senior Energy Expert, Independent Director and Mentor. She is Research Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy. She has thirty years of experience in dealing with global and FSU energy markets development and a strong expertise in energy transition – new energy technologies, market organization, corporate strategies and geopolitical consequences. She also has a profound knowledge of Russian and FSU energy markets.

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